Submission guidelines

10/25/20222 min read

Submission Guidelines:

  • Word Count: Articles should be approximately 1500 words in length. However, we value quality over quantity, so feel free to adjust as necessary to best convey your message.

  • Originality: We welcome original content that has not been previously published elsewhere. Please ensure that your submission is your own work and not plagiarized from any other source.

  • Formatting: Please submit your article in a Word document or Google Doc format. Use a clear font and standard formatting (e.g., Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced).

  • Structure: Organize your article into clear sections with headings if necessary. A compelling introduction and conclusion are encouraged to bookend your piece.

  • Language: All submissions should be in English. While we appreciate creativity and individuality, please ensure your writing is clear, concise, and free of grammatical errors.

  • Images: If your article includes images, please ensure they are high-resolution and relevant to the content. Include image captions and credits where applicable.

  • Citations: If you're referencing external sources, please provide proper citations to give credit to the original authors and avoid plagiarism.

  • Bio: Along with your submission, please include a brief author bio (50-100 words) introducing yourself to our readers. Feel free to include any relevant credentials, affiliations, or personal anecdotes.

By adhering to these guidelines, you'll help streamline the submission process and increase the chances of your article being selected for publication.

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